The Management Agreement

Operational, financial and IT management, human resources management, legal advice and promotion...the Management Agreement offers a complete approach to hotel management.


The Management Agreement covers all aspects of the operational management of your hotel. It represents an optimal solution if you are looking to delegate all aspects of managing your hotel, in order to achieve the best return.

Services included

Operational management (management of the hotel, managing staff, financial management, procurement, accounting, legal advice, design and maintenance of IT systems, etc.)
Developing and implementing a pricing strategy (yield management)
Inclusion on the Book Inn France portal
For Paris hotels, inclusion on the Hotels Grand Paris portal
Inclusion on promotional websites
Increasing online presence (search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, social networking sites, etc.)
Advice and assistance with media relations for significant events (awards, reopenings, complete refurbishments, changes in design, etc.)

Optional services

Creation of website
Adwords campaigns for individual sites 
Inclusion on specialist reference and comparison websites 


Ten-year contract
Variable fees based on turnover and gross profit

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